What we are upto

Somnium - What we are upto?

What we have been upto?

As you will no doubt be aware the Crypto market has taken a difficult turn with across the market. This has not stopped us proceeding forward, albeit with less fanfare than before.

As many will have noted we are continuing our working relationship with a UK Auction house. This has been enabling us to continue with our work and passion within the industry. We have an ongoing active relationship where we have been advising and making buyers not only get physical assets but also digital assets too.

Alongside this we have still been developing our app. We have been looing to work through all the requirements for iOS and for Android to have releasable apps. With the recent trust in some areas of cryptocurrency, the thresholds required are very high. We could release a more simpler app, which we may do, however we are still looking for a more feature rich app.

We are still confident of ongoing success when confidence and the market improves. Digital currency is the future and it will be the future of Web3 and of future Metaverse's.

You will have seen lots of cryptocurrencies have fallen away. We have kept ourselves pegged with BNB, which is the Binance Coin. We were happy with this decision and puts us in good stead going forward.

We are hopeful of a great 2023 going forward.