SOMNIUM is an easy to use blockchain application to tackle real world cryptocurrency problems. Our utility token powers our apps. Our Multipay app offers an innovative solution to multi-party transactions. Pay together into one contract.

Watch our demo of Multipay on Youtube.

Coming Soon - Our update into NFTs and Museums.

What are we upto? - December 2022.

Somnium Crypto

Introducing Multipay

Somnium multipay mobile app

Multipay &
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Beyond Multipay, we are creating a range of everyday apps.


We provide blockchain solutions for a range of needs.

a new way

Taking a new approach to diversity in the crypto world.

About us

We are big believers in the principles of decentralisation and transparency that blockchain technology has the potential to bring to finance.

At Somnium we recognise that there are still a number of practical obstacles that need to be overcome before the full benefit of decentralised finance can be realised. This is why we are focusing our efforts on developing key technology that will allow users to gain the benefits of using DeFi.

We wanted to build a fairer, more transparent token and a platform with which to tackle real world DeFi problems.

We are building and advancing our Somnium token and platform in accordance with the principles of fairness, transparency, simplicity and security.

We are a diverse team looking to break new ground in the DeFi era.

SOMNIUM Multipay

Our innovative Somnium platform, allows users to create multiparty smart contracts. Users can create these auto balance release smart contracts from a simple, intuitive dashboard.

These Somnium smart contracts will allow multiple parties to transfer cryptocurrency between themselves where the balance release conditions are contingent upon clearly defined payment conditions. Our solution allows users to create and interact with the smart contracts in a way that maintains security and transparency, using blockchain technology.

We are hard at work on the Somnium platform and we look forward to launching more features going forward. 

Going forward we are looking to partner up to different blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

About Somnium Crypto

How we work

How Somnium works


We are looking to make everything we do easy to use and understandable. The world of crypto can be quite hard to understand, we are here to make it simpler.

Inclusive at Somnium


The Somnium team are strong advocates of inclusion and equality. We are supporters of women in technology, with more than half of our team made up of women. We will build upon this with initiatives during 2022.

Secure at Somnium


Security is paramount in the cryptocurrency world and is a key feature of our token, our platform and of our consultancy work.

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