SOMNIUM Platform and more

Somnium Platform

We are starting with Multipay

Multipay is our first product on our platform, it is just the beginning. We came up with a need for users to be able to send multi-user payments in to single wallet addresses. We are looking to expand upon our platform and move it forward.

What is next?

We are looking to enhance the range of available contracts and offer a wider range of cryptocurrency payments on our platform. We will also add new features to our smart contracts, driven by user requests. For example we will add the ability to schedule payments from our dashboard. So much can be done with our platform that we are looking to continuously iterate it.

We will shortly be releasing SOMNIUM for mobile, which will allow fully featured access to our platform from your mobile browser. This will be followed by our dedicated Android and iPhone apps, which will be ready later in the year.

Seperate from the SOMNIUM Platform we are looking into a guaranteed messaging system. Where messages are sent via the blockchain and can therefore have more guaranteed authenticity.